Free and open-source software appeals to me not only because it allows anyone to see exactly what is going on but also because of the nature of community that surrounds the projects. Collaboration is encouraged and expected. This semester we are going to choose one or more projects to contribute to by joining the upkeep community and finding/fixing bugs or improving the interface in general. Several projects (around six) have been suggested; OpenMRS, Octoprint, Moodle, the Transterpreter, a site for helping people learn code who’s name evades me, and a very vague hardware project that was almost mentioned, but not really.

My first choice, because I am kind of a 3d printer geek, would be Octoprint. I have worked with it in passing and I am vaguely familiar with its interface. I would love to be able to improve something that I find useful and that I enjoy. I really love working on the 3d printer, so learning another facet of it sounds like a great opportunity to me.

My second choice would be to work with Moodle, because many of us have put up with the horror that it currently is. I’m being overdramatic, Moodle gets a bad rap, but it is honestly frustrating at times. Again, I would like to improve something that I am familiar with and Moodle seems like it would be worthwhile.

The third choice would be the coding website, which shall not be named (because I cannot remember the name). I enjoy websites like codeacademy that help people learn to code, and it would be fun to see the inner-workings of such and try to improve it.

OpenMRS also sounds like a great website that would be worthwhile. It however does appear daunting to me. Health records don’t sound very exciting, but when you look at the overall mission of the website, it is pretty awesome. It is such a large project that a lot of people could tackle it and it would barely dent it, so it could be a great project for a team.

The Transterpreter and the vague hardware project fall lowest on my list. This is mainly because I don’t hate myself. Just kidding, they just seem the vaguest and I am not sure what they are entirely about. I also get the impression that both would require extensive research (not to say that the above won’t) but, these factors combined push them to the bottom of the totem pole.