Project Overview


  • What is the purpose of the project?


Octoprint is a free and open source host-software for 3d printers that controls the printer by sending it commands to do its job.


  • How many people are working on the project?


It is not clear exactly how many people are working on this project, however, there are 64 contributors to the code and 1,929 members of the community page. The community page is also for people who use Octoprint, they don’t necessarily have to be working on it.


  • How active is the project?


The last pull request was six hours ago. The top bug reports were issued around 11-15 days ago. The project seems to be fairly active but not completely on top of things. There are still many open tickets that need to be resolved.


  • Where would you start if you were interested in helping with the project?


After I have correctly downloaded/installed Octoprint and read, I would look under the issue tracker, as the bugs and requests are tagged with difficulty levels. I would find one that is not marked difficult and I would begin trying to resolve it. For example, one that is marked as “easy” is a request for adding the printing status in the page title. I think that something like that would be a good place to start.


  • What usable technical documents that describe the project (e.g., functional requirements, design documents, installation documentation, etc.) exist?


There is a, a wikki page that describes the installation process for various operating systems, and there are sections on dependencies (requirements) and usage/configuration under the Octoprint github account.


  • How are bugs and feature requests tracked?
  • Are there a lot of open items?
  • Are they being worked on?
  • Are issues being addressed?


The bugs and requests are tracked through the issue tracker on github. They all have difficulty labels. There are 150 something open tickets while there are 700 something closed ones. They seem to be slacking on getting on the issues, but they are not too far behind. There is a small amount of communication on many of the issues. Many of the people who have submitted the bug/request have done it incorrectly so the Octoprint account will print that they need to read the contribution guidelines (this could be why many of the issues are not getting resolved).


  • How long do you think it would take you to download and install this product?


I am not sure. I think that I might run into a few technical errors along the way, but honestly it shouldn’t take more than a couple days to get it straightened out, especially if we communicate within our team.


  • How do the developers communicate with each other? What channels or tools are available within the project?


They have an IRC channel which is kind of confusing, they also have a mailing list, and a google community which I have linked at the end of this document.


  • What has been the most interesting thing you learned through this exercise?


I really find the whole thing interesting. Especially that there are so few contributors (maybe 64 is a lot, I don’t have prior experience). I am just excited to get started.

Some of the places that I got the information: