OctoPrint has proved to be a fairly easy download and install thus far. The directions on the CONTRIBUTING.md file were very straightforward and our team did not run into any trouble while following them. They consisted of forking the code into our own GitHub account and running several commands inside the terminal to access the code. We decided as a group that we should begin by following a plugin tutorial for a helloworld program specific to OctoPrint. It has helped me understand the process of starting a plugin, however, we have arrived at a standstill. While we were able to complete the first two parts of the tutorial, in order to continue we must install cookiecutter, which will help us make the plugin distributable. Because we are working on the server Carter and we are not admin, we do not have the privileges of installing cookiecutter, so we must request that it be installed to continue our progress.

Side Thoughts

Carter is a server that is only available in the realm of Berea College, it is invisible to the outside world. Since I live off campus, I cannot access Carter from home, and therefore any work that I want to do on Carter means that I must travel to campus. I find this very annoying and I have came up with a part-time solution. I have decided to utilize an old laptop lying around the house for my OctoPrint needs. It has Ubuntu 14.04 and should not be difficult to arrive to the state of progress that I am currently at on Carter. Because I am admin on this computer, I will be able to explore the plugin tutorial more in depth.


This is my first experience with version control and while I understand the larger concepts, I find it hard to know how to actually put the concepts in to practice. For example, I know that each time I work with the OctoPrint code, I should have the most up-to-date version that is in the OctoPrint repository. However, I do not know exactly how to go about that. There are several small hiccups like this that I am working on. While it may be a struggle in the beginning, I know that it will be a struggle worthwhile.