Last Thursday, I decided it was time that we connect OctoPrint to the 3D printer so that we can see exactly how people use the application. This sounded simple enough because I have done it many times before. However, this particular time I noticed something that was awry. When I launched OctoPrint on the server, it was not displaying a settings menu that would allow the user to specify the port and baudrate at which to connect to their printer. 

In true programmer fashion, I did some google-fu that told me where the problem might be. Many of the posts suggested that I tinker with the config.yaml file and add in a section about the “navbar”. I did everything that was suggested, but unfortunately I was still unable to get the settings tab to appear. I was able to change the title of the webpage, and rename the printer to whatever I wanted. This entire problem is very intriguing to me because I know that my OctoPrint team all did the download and installation of OctoPrint the same. I feel as though the settings tab should be there with the basic installation and that you shouldn’t have to do anything special. 

It was an interesting problem to encounter, and while it was frustrating, it made me happy that I was able to mess with the config.yaml file and see changes in real time. I will post the solution to this problem as soon as we figure it out.