Breaking the safety feature request described in my previous post was straight forward, yet I am still a bit removed from exactly how we will implement it. I have worked my way through the majority of the program, pausing at the front-end manipulation. The plugin that we will write, needs the following components:



  • Box that allows the users to enter a time – front-end manipulation where the tutorial will be helpful
  • Make sure that the time is valid
  • Return time to main function

Event(printeron/off, turnofftemperature):

  • Check to see if the printer is off – possibly using one of these commands
  • If it is, turn the temperature off, also using one of the above commands


  • Set a timer for as long as the time specified
  • When that time is up call the event function


  • Call get time and store it in a variable
  • Call set_timer with the previous variable

I believe that by breaking it down into these chunks of code, we can easily implement the plugin. There is still a big learning curve for me, as I have not worked with plugins before. However, the tutorial is very helpful, and a plugin appears to be a chunk of code that adds an asset to your software, so conceptually I am on board.

Next Steps:


I am ready to finish the plugin tutorial with my teammates (implementing the front-end manipulation) and begin our work on our first plugin. The most nerve-racking thing at this point is that we have “claimed” the request on the issue tracker, and now I have this heavy responsibility to get it done, and done well.