We had a very productive day because we made our very first commit to our github repository for our Safety timeout plugin. The world of github has been vaguely foreign to me for quite some time, and along with that it has been intimidating. We have not had anything to commit thus far, because we finally struggled through the plugin tutorial and started our plug in on Monday.

At the end of the class period on Monday we had not gotten very far on our own plugin because we are trying to apply what we learned in the tutorial to what we need to do for ourselves. In the tutorial we learned how to create a user-adjustable link that allowed a user to input a link and it would bind that link to a tab in OctoPrint. We want to create a user-adjustable time variable that allows a user to input a time which will create a timer. We are struggling with exactly how we should implement this.

For further committing I am going to explain which steps that I followed in order to commit our work to github. You are going to need to know your giithub username and password as some of the commands will require that you type them in. The first thing that you do is create the repository on your GitHub account that is going to hold your code. You can copy the link to your repository (it will be in the section under code), and then type in the following commands:

  • git init
  • git remote add origin https://paste.your.github.link.here
  • git push -u origin –all
  • git push -u origin –tags
  • git status
  • git add -A
  • git commit -m “Insert message here in quotes “
  • git config –global user.email “insertemailhereinquotes”
  • git push -u
  • git push origin master