Brief Introduction 

Success after Success has followed our team lately. We have a plugin that allows front-end user interaction (on changing the time), and will check to see if the printer is printing after the time is up. If the printer is printing, it does nothing at this point. If the printer is not printing, it shuts off the temperature to both the bed and the hotend.

The Problem

Our main problem is that we are unsure of where to call our timer function. The first implementation was calling the timer after the server startup, which was not accurate in case the user wanted to change the amount of time that passed before the timer checked the printing status. Our second implementation was starting the timer after the user saved the time underneath the settings. This is better, but still not accurate as every time the user saves any setting, it restarts the timer (annoying). The goal is to start this timer either after the user specifies that we start it, or after the temperature of either the hot-end or the bed has been changed.


I have reached out to the community via the freenode IRC channel, unfortunately I have yet to get a response. My next go to communication will be either to email Gina directly or reach out to the community. We are extremely close to completing our plugin and I do not want this small bump to halt our efforts.

The last thing that we will do is put together a portfolio for the class. This will contain a video that highlights our successes and weaknesses. I am hoping that once we successfully get the plugin working (called in the correct place) we can video the 3D printer in action with our plugin and include this somewhere in our portfolio.