As a class, we have found ourselves at our one week deadline to deploy a prototype to PMSS. Since this deadline has come upon us so quickly, we have decided to use a raspberry pi because it will propose less complications than using Arduinos at this time. We have decided that the best way to carry out our work this week is to break up into teams that can accomplish one of the various tasks associated with our sensor.

The teams are, Dashboard (in charge of how the user views our data/ where it gets sent), WiFi (how the data gets sent through the internet, and how we connect to the internet), Battery Conservation (They don’t have too much of a task this week since we are using rpis, but their time will come), and the Architecture group (who is in charge of creating our state machine code in C). Out of the groups I knew that I wanted to be involved in the one who was in charge of sending the data to the internet via WiFi. The reason that I wanted to be on this group was because I had previously explored sending data via an arduino and I was only able to do so using Bluetooth, not WiFi modules.

Since we are working from raspberry pies, connecting to the internet is not a big deal at all. We will hook up the monitor to each of the 5 raspberry pies that we are deploying and connect them manually. This will allow us to focus on sending the data to the internet. We have looked into the various ways to send data, and we have decided to explore using which is like Tweeting, but for the IOT (Internet of Things). From Dweet, the Dashboard team can use as our temporary visual hotspot to view the data being sent. It will be important to remain in communication with the Dashboard team as we continue our exploration.