There was sad news on Friday that the trip to Pine Mountain was cancelled for the third and final group. This was a combination of the van not being available due to brake problems (even though it was reserved months ago), and there has been an outbreak of forest fires near Pine Mountain due to the dry weather conditions. Since the group had already reserved their time for the field trip, Dr. Jadud asked that they consider coming in on Saturday to do work sprint and see if they could try and pull the components of the sensor closer together.

Unfortunately I was unable to go to the work sprint (as I was in PMSS group 2 and I already had plans for Saturday). However I did talk to Javier and he told me what was accomplished. The work was focused mostly on creating classes for each of the components, and Javier contributed to the wifi class which can be found on Kye’s github. The next steps are going to be to integrate the class into the main code functionality and see if we can get all of the components working together. It seems that the wifi group’s tasks are slowly coming to a close and the last thing that we will have to do will be to focus on a poster and help contribute to the project as a whole integrating each specific part.