Today we were able to cut our circuit board (YAY). We had to download the software onto a computer that Nick had set up before class. Dr. Jadud was then able to walk us through the setup of the CNC, and we uploaded our gerber files that needed to be cut. We watched as the machine routed our connections and drilled the holes for each of the components. We declined to do a rubout because our board had such clean cuts that we didn’t want to risk ruining it (since this is the first time that the CNC has been ran since the last machine running it died). This meant that we would have to solder in our connections very carefully.

After it was cut, it was pretty much the end of class, but I was so excited to get this working that I stayed an extra 2 hours and soldered all of the connections. At this point I realized how incredibly difficult it is to solder inside of a tiny diameter circle. I had to then pull out the multimeter and figure out exactly what was connected that was not supposed to be (and it was a lot). At this point I took an exacto knife and was able to separate the connections from one another until everything was only connected to what it was supposed to be connected to. i put headers in for everything so that we could plug in and remove components.

I am extremely excited to test out the circuit board but also worried because nothing ever works on the first try. However, I was recently informed that since all of the code was combined in the classes, it has not been working correctly. This means that we cannot test the board until we are able to get the code working.

Here is an image of the board being cut: