This past Monday we were able to print our board using the CNC machine. I drove the machine this time and it refreshed all of my knowledge on the software. Dr. Jadud and I updated the instructions to make them easier to follow when controlling the machine. On Wednesday, we soldered together all of  the components as a group with Michael leading us. When all of the components were soldered, we tested the connections with the multimeter to make sure only things that were supposed to be connected were. We corrected all of the short circuits (caused from soldering) that we found). We left class on Wednesday ready to alter the code and test our board.

Today (Friday) we (the fritzing team) got together with the architecture group to upload the code to our board. We planned on testing each of the sensors and then the wifi chip to make sure that they were all working. Unfortunately, the sensors were failing to read. At this point, we connected back to the breadboard setup and tried to recreate our scenario of using a digital pin to power the sensors. While the breadboard was working when we used VCC to power the sensors, it was not working when we powered it from pin 8.

At this point, we pulled out our handy multimeter to test the voltage that each pin was giving off. The actual power pin (VCC) from the arduino read at about 4.8 volts, the digital pin that had been written high was giving off around the same. This didn’t make any sense to us because it should work in theory. Defeated, we did what any computer scientist would do and googled the issue. We came upon an arduino forum that said that even though the pin seems to be reading that high, it cannot actually provide that amount of current. This means that our new board will not work. We would have to connect the power pins to the actual VCC pin on the arduino.

This is a setback since today is the last day of class. Fortunately, the architecture group was able to get the code working correctly between all of the components. We will continue to work on the board (if we have the exam time). If not, we have all of the documentation emailed to the person in charge and it should be relatively easy for anyone to pick up where we left off.