We were able to get the Flask app up and working on our raspberry pies, and we were able to access the url with different data using our laptops. This was done with the aid of Dr. Jadud who provided the code for us here.

To access the app on the raspberry pi that it was running you go to (data can be anything):


To access the app from a laptop you have to do an ifconfig to find the IP address:

Now the trouble is that we need to send data to this url.

The code that we have found to do this is a bit complex, but basically it starts a connection with the server, uses the esp.println() function to send the AT command that sends the data, and sees if there is a response from the server before closing the connection. The struggle for me is that I am not sure if we need to use the send data funciton if we are simply posting the data in the url. I guess, in short, I do not understand how accessing a url with different information in the spots for data is going to translate into using the AT “send” command.

There is an example of how to send data to a website at this instructables. We have been trying to follow this tutorial somewhat, but we have not had luck thus far. I was able to redownload the Arduino IDE and it will now connect to the Diavolino and upload sketches. However, we are setting up more of the breadboard connections that I posted a picture of in the last post, and that is proving to be troublesome as they don’t all work the same. Hopefully we can pull something together next week, as the next group is going next weekend.